Biggs & Narciso

About Us

Company History

Biggs & Narciso Construction Services Inc. was founded by Luis Narciso and Tim Biggs in 1988 when specific industry needs for project management of asbestos abatement and other environmental remediation projects were identified. We possess over 25 years’ experience earning the trust and creditability among clients and business partners. Since then, we have become a recognized leader, providing our clients with effective assessment and reliable environmental solutions for handling and removing hazardous materials.

Our Mission

Our mission at Biggs & Narciso Construction Services Inc. is to offer our clients safe, custom tailored and quality environmental abatement solutions, done on time and on budget.

Our Commitment:

Biggs & Narciso Construction Services Inc. draws upon decades of industry experience and a deep passion for their trade. We are committed to the success of every single client and ensure that health and safety takes precedence on every jobsite. This is accomplished by promptly recognizing, assessing and controlling hazardous environments and/or materials. You can be assured that your project, regardless of scope or complexity, rests with knowledgeable and reputable industry professionals.

We have formulated a list of objectives that has provided us with a working plan for every job we do. It has allows us to maintain a consistent approach to our business and reassures our clients of our commitment to the highest standards.

We will strive to:

  • Make it easy for our clients to deal with the removal of hazardous waste.
  • Create ongoing working relationships with our clients.
  • Maintain highest possible standards in our industry.
  • Maintain a zero accident record.
  • Devise the most cost effective means of removal without affecting safety or quality.

Health & Safety

Health and safety is deeply intertwined in our corporate culture at Biggs & Narciso Construction Services Inc., as we promote and support continuous improvement by ensuring hazard recognition, assessment and control methods are frequently reviewed and implemented on a regular basis at every project. Our team consists of highly experienced and qualified professionals who are trained comprehensively in all aspects of safe remediation and abatement removal.

Prior to a job commencing, a survey of the project is conducted by one of our qualified professionals to identify the hazards and risks that are associated with the specific type of work to be completed. They then formulate a working plan that addresses any complex or significant health and safety/environmental concerns that may be encountered. This proactive approach ensures that your project remains a safe environment for everyone involved.

Biggs & Narciso thrives to meet or exceed all provincial regulations/industry standards. We support our Health and Safety Committee members, who promote and enforce safe work practices and procedures onsite. A safety representative is appointed from our team to inspect any possible hazards and to promote awareness and risk reduction. We believe proactivity is a vital step in promoting a culture that is driven by health and safety.

Fully Insured and Bonded

Biggs & Narciso Construction Services Inc. recognizes the importance of removing and disposing of not only asbestos, but all hazardous materials in a safe and efficient manner. While the abatement of hazardous materials is a critical step in any construction or demolition project, we provide our clients with the comfort of knowing that we carry the most current comprehensive general liability insurance in the industry. We are also able to provide the owner with bonding on any size project. Biggs & Narciso Construction Services Inc. has an exceptional safety record and is in good standing with the WSIB (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board).