Biggs & Narciso

Lead Abatement Services

Biggs & Narciso Construction Services Inc. provides safe and efficient service for lead removal from buildings, including lead paint or plumbing system components that contain lead such as aged piping. We also custom retrofit your plumbing to current building code specifications and renovate to a finished condition ready for occupation – completely lead free. All contaminated materials will be disposed of properly presenting no further threat to the environment or human health.

Lead Disposal

Lead is a poison in any form. It is categorized as one of the "heavy metals" and, when disposed of, it must always be managed as a hazardous waste. Too often lead contaminated debris is left at the job site for the property owner to dispose of—which means it gets dumped in the trash.

The correct way to dispose of lead contaminated debris (paint debris, flakes, dust, plumbing scrap, etc.) is to carefully gather it into a tightly sealed container. Clean up should be done with a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter) vacuum cleaner to ensure a thorough pickup is done without releasing more lead particulates into the air. Waste containers should be properly labeled as containing lead contaminated material and disposed of as hazardous waste.

Lead Resources and Information