Biggs & Narciso

PCBs Abatement Services

PCB removal is an integrated portion of the complete environmental abatement package that Biggs & Narciso Construction Services Inc. offers to our clients. PCB removal includes containing materials such as fluorescent light ballasts from any premises where remediation work is conducted.

We ensure that any such equipment is properly extracted and sealed in government regulation drums, properly labeled and shipped to a registered storage facility to await destruction. Our clients can rest assured that any PCB containing equipment is being properly handled according to all existing government regulations and guidelines.

What are PCBs?

Polychlorinated biphenyls, commonly known as PCBs, are industrial chemicals which were synthesized and manufactured in the United States beginning in 1929. They were used in many different types of products including hydraulic fluid, casting wax, pigments, carbonless copy paper, plasticizer, vacuum pumps, compressors and heat transfer systems. Because of their stability and resistance to thermal breakdown their primary use was as a dielectric fluid in electrical equipment. They are most commonly found in transformers and capacitors. While never manufactured in Canada, PCBs were widely used in this country.

PCB Resources and Information